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Queen Street Dental is a practitioner-owned clinic with over five decades of experience providing patients from throughout Brisbane with the highest standards of dentistry.

We provide a complete range of dental health services including lifetime dental strategies. Our respect for the concerns and comfort of our clients creates a caring environment and has gained us respect and trust, resulting in generation-spanning relationships. 

Our Queen Street location builds a perception of our business and brand, but it is the competence and professional delivery of our services that sets our blue ribbon benchmark as leaders in the dental profession. It is this benchmark performance that builds confidence for our clients. 


We operate with your care as our priority. 

Our focus is on providing patients with personalised service, delivered with empathy, in a relaxed environment. 


We are confident - and deliver confidence. 

Our focus and experience allow us to confidently deliver the best dental care giving you, our clients, confidence in our advice and a confident smile. 


We will uphold our reputation for excellence. 

We are committed to providing outstanding, patient-focused care and to continually improve our service and offerings. 

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