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At Queen Street Dental we understand that some patients, and particularly those new to the practice, may experience differing levels of anxiety over their treatment. Our dentists are highly empathetic and are experienced in working collaboratively with these patients to achieve comfortable and successful outcomes to their treatment.


We are one of the few Brisbane CBD dental practices which can offer anxious patients a comprehensive choice of in-clinic sedative and anaesthestic treatments, ranging from Nitrous Oxide through to Intravenous Sedation and General Anaesthesia.


For those patients anxious about their treatment, our overriding priority is to earn your trust and confidence by openly discussing your concerns and devising caring and compassionate treatment plans that progressively build your comfort levels with each successive visit.

Following an initial consult, we may recommend you undergo treatment under one of the sedation or anaesthesia options we offer. Your suitability to undergo these treatment options will be fully assessed, and a solution tailored to your individual circumstances. 


Under this form of treatment, a sedation medication is administered into your arm or hand, providing an immediate and deep relaxation. The dosage administered during treatment can be varied to meet individual anxiety levels of patients.

It is sometimes referred to as “Twilight or Sleep Sedation”, as although you are not fully unconscious you remain largely unaware of what is occurring around you and in most instances, will have little or no recollection, of your dental treatment.

IV Sedation is administered by your treating dentist who has completed additional post-graduate studies and training to gain qualifications in sedation practice.


Queen Street Dental is the only general dental practice in the Brisbane CBD to incorporate a purpose-built dental theatre for patients electing to be treated under General Anaesthesia.


This form of treatment is often used in instances where a significant amount of dental work is needed, and is administered by a specialist medical anaesthetist, who is supported by a qualified theatre nurse. 

As the practice’s consulting anaesthetist is scheduled to work at our clinic only four times a month, booking lead times for this procedure are longer than for general dental and IV Sedation appointments.


We advise you to contact our reception staff as early as possible if you a looking to plan an appointment for General Anaesthesia.

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