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Snack-Happy Kids

Keep your kids happy and healthy these school holidays!

School holidays are coming up, and while all kids love holidays for the sleep ins, hanging out with friends and eating at any time of the day, we should be vigilant about what our children are snacking on!

Finding treats and healthy snacks for children to eat between meals can be a battle. It is important we find the balance between pleasing our kids and encouraging them to eat something healthy at the same time.

Although sugary snacks and drinks will excite them, they can lead to dental health issues later, such as cavities.

Let’s take a look at some great alternatives to sugar-filled snacks that won’t harm their teeth.

Cheese Sticks

The calcium content of most cheeses makes for a healthy snack for children of all ages. Cheese and dairy products are rich in calcium, casein and phosphorus, which can help protect tooth enamel and help neutralise plaque acids in the mouth. Buy portable cheeses or cut into manageable chunks for snacks on-the-go!


An apple a day could keep cavities away! Chewing apples and other crunchy, high-fibre fruits can help reduce plaque from tooth surfaces. As a bonus, these fruits are filled with vitamins and minerals and make for an easy and portable snack.

Avoid dried fruit as it is sticky and full of sugar – fresh is best!

Vegetable sticks

Carrots, celery sticks and broccoli make wonderful healthy snacks for children. Like apples, these crunchy vegetables contain a lot of water and require a lot of chewing which can help clean tooth surfaces. The water and fibre in these vegetables balance the sugars and help clean teeth.

Adding a dip, such as hummus or tzatziki can make eating carrot or celery sticks a little more exciting for young ones.

Popcorn (natural)

Traditionally only for movie-goers, popcorn has become a widely available snack in recent years. We recommend avoiding the syrupy-flavoured, sugar-filled flavours and instead go for a plain or salted popcorn, which make the best snack food for children and is great for outdoor snacking.

Wholegrain sandwiches

Toast or sandwiches with honey or jam can be a crowd pleaser, however we would recommend avoiding sweet spreads and switching to healthier alternatives such as avocado, cheese or peanut butter.


Eggs are an excellent source of calcium, protein and vitamin D which are important minerals for oral health. Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium which help to build and maintain strong, healthy teeth and bones.

Fluoridated water

Drinking water with fluoride is essential for the health of your child’s teeth as early as birth. Almost all drinking water contains fluoride, but some bottled varieties do not. It is always a good idea to check and make sure.

Is it time for your kids to visit the dentist? We recommend children have 6-monthly check-ups.

With school holidays almost upon us, there’s no better time to book the whole family in! Prevention is always better than treating a problem later down the track.

Call our friendly team today to arrange your next visit with us!

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